Get Airlift for your office!

A self-service market of locally sourced fresh food, snacks and beverages

Get Airlift for your office!

Airlift sources exclusively from local fresh food producers to provide you variety and freshness while also supporting local businesses.
How it works:
Select your menu
We survey the office and work with you to curate a selection of high-quality fresh food, snacks, and beverages.

Launch your market
No vending machines! We install a modern, aesthetically pleasing market customized to your space and number of employees.

Healthy food = happy employees
Your employees can purchase fresh and healthy offerings, 24/7 with our simple-to-use iPad kiosk. With multiple deliveries a week, your Airlift market is always stocked with fresh and healthy foods.

Tell us what you think
Your Airlift market is nimble, and uniquely able to respond to your employees' changing food tastes. Send us feedback and we'll make menu or delivery changes ASAP!

We stock what you want
Does your office lean healthy or prefer more traditional offerings? We replenish your Airlift market with exactly what your employees want.
Serving thousands of happy people in Seattle