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Meet the Airlift iPad-based kiosk for micro markets. We have built the most office-friendly micro market platform.

We are actively seeking experienced Office Coffee Service (OCS) providers and vending operators across the US to partner with us and offer Airlift at their office accounts.

Connect with Airlift to ask questions and learn more about our iPad-based kiosk for micro markets.
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  • Airlift's low cost kiosk expands your opportunities to target smaller offices.
  • Our snack benefit and payment features drive increased sales.


  • Lower kiosk and launch costs offer a faster ROI.
  • All fees are based on sales; we make money only when you do.


  • Scalable, reliable, cloud-based infrastructure.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring on hardware and software.
  • Airlift provides same business day support.
  • Select and purchase your own display fixtures.

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