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Going Beyond a Sad Desk Lunch

The Airlift Team, January 12, 2016

We’ve all done it. Stayed up too late the night before a big meeting, forgot to set the alarm for the morning, gave up on those great meal prep plans two days in… We’ve also all seen what happens these good intentions of ours fizzle and fall flat. Most of the time, it ends up resulting in mismatched socks or a desk lunch that leaves a little something to be desired. The team at sad desk lunch gets it. Their claim that 62 percent of American office workers eat lunch at their desks is only marginally less depressing than the pictures submitted to their Instagram account. Five minutes of looking at the meals so many of us turn to in desperation and hunger is enough to give all of us a fear of working through lunch.

Food is Fuel

In many cultures, the noontime meal is the most important one of the day. Forget breakfast, forget dinner, forget that enticing tea right before the workday ends—it’s that precious hour right smack dab in the middle of the day that really makes the difference. Not only can refueling your body improve your mood for the last four-to-five hours of the workday, but scientifically speaking, lunch contributes to better concentration, higher energy levels, improved attention spans, more creativity, and, of course, increased productivity. Ask any company in the world what they want out of their employees, and they’ll repeat that exact list. That’s why providing a healthy lunch break—away from the desk and that oh-so-sad desk lunch—is so important.

Engage and Improve the Workplace Experience

While it’s not always easy (or possible) to put in a healthy and affordable cafeteria in your office, you can provide great food options in the space you currently have. Micromarkets are a kind of on-site fresh food vending machine that transforms a break room into a place where people can access healthy lunches away from their desks. The costs of maintenance to the company are minimal, especially with our tablet-based POS system, but the benefits to the workforce are evident right from the start. Your employees are excited about their meals and about sharing them with each other, and return to their desks ready to tackle the second half of the day. Even more importantly, they feel valued and cared for as more than just cogs in a machine. When they see their employers putting an emphasis on healthy living and healthy habits, they’re much more likely to return the favor and provide healthy returns for your organization.

Micro Vending Options for Any Workplace

Micro vending is your way of providing a service your employees need and want, and for a lot less money than you’d expect. Engage your workforce and turn lunchtime back into an experience worth having. Your bottom line will thank you…even if the accounts at sad desk lunch won’t.