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Trends in Employee Snacks, Perks, Coffee

The Airlift Team, March 31, 2016

Twenty years ago, the standard office perk was pretty much a water cooler in one corner of the breakroom—or, if you really wanted to get fancy, a coffeemaker that everyone could share (and almost no one refilled). The idea of offering healthy snacks or even meals was unheard of except in large corporations where wining and dining was considered a part of client interactions.

These days, more and more employers are increasing employee engagement by throwing out the water cooler and coffeemaker for much more sophisticated snacking perks. Even if you don’t have the money to build a rooftop garden or overhaul one corner of your office to turn it into a snacking lounge, there are quick and easy ways you can stay on the cutting edge of employer perk trends.

  • Gourmet Coffee: Keurig machines and other one-cup coffee customization options have changed the way employees access their morning caffeine. Instead of making a one-size-fits-all pot of coffee, your employees can personalize their cup to their tastes and access these perks all day long. Some companies are taking this idea one step further by installing full espresso or cappuccino machines—or even luring baristas to set up small stands in their lobbies to capture that early morning rush.
  • Fruit Drink Alternatives: Coffee is all well and good when you need that morning pick-me-up, but drinking it all day long isn’t great for the body. That’s why many companies are including fruit juice and healthy green alternatives. These can be offered in the breakroom or sold through a micro market vending option, which places fresh beverages and snacks within easy reach.
  • The Most Important Meal of the Day: If you hold regular working hours, chances are your employees don’t always have time to grab breakfast before they begin their daily commute. Of all the meals to provide onsite, breakfast tends to be the least expensive and the most appreciated. Even something as simple as pastries and yogurt can go a long way in boosting morale.
  • On-the-Go Lunch Options: Ordering in and/or dining out are great occasional options for a midday meal, but few companies can sustain this kind of lunchtime perk over the long term. Instead of paying for everyone’s lunch every day, you can opt for a micro market that supplies sandwiches, fruits, and other meal ideas that are brought in fresh and paid for via your own kiosk system.
  • Long Nights, Late Snacks: If your workforce puts in the occasional late hours, it’s essential to keep them well-fed and happy for as long as the midnight oil burns. Because it’s not always possible to bring in deliveries this late, this is another area where having that micromarket is a real advantage. Because you control the hours it’s open and how employees can access it, you can continue to fuel your workforce long after the rest of business shuts down for the day.
Competing with the big players doesn’t have to be difficult. With more and more talented professionals looking to food-based perks as a reason to sign on with your company, staying on trend when it comes to dining has never been more important—or easier to do!