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Airlift Arrives! NAMA 2016 Recap

On April12th at the NAMA OneShow, Airlift introduced our iPad-based micro market kiosk to a national audience. We were excited and encouraged with the positive reaction from operators, NAMA officials, and more. We received double the number of pilot requests that we were expecting going into the show.

Many thanks to the other exhibitors who shared their excitement with other attendees and encouraged them to check out Airlift -- the “new kid on the block.” Our booth received interest from experienced operators looking for a next-generation kiosk to swap out vending machines and bring micro markets to smaller offices. Airlift exceeded their expectations and many will be piloting Airlift in the coming weeks and months.

Extending the 2.9% Special Offer

Due to the big response to our NAMA offer and the steady flow of even more operators getting in touch, we will offer pilots at our introductory deal -- run your first market at just 2.9% of sales including credit card processing fees until April 30, 2017. With a kiosk price of $799 (incl. countertop stand & iPad) and just $0.50 per Airlift $25 account refill, we made it impossible NOT to try Airlift.

Contact us for your demo, and we can show you how to launch an Airlift market in just 5 days.

Micro Markets 2.0

With high-cost kiosks constraining micro market growth, Airlift aims to accelerate growth with a lighter weight option, in both cost and size. But we are moving faster toward even bigger goals – giving companies and employees features that extend into rewards and recognition, fresh food programs, feedback channels, and office-friendly branding. These changes create greater revenue potential and increase the value of your accounts.

We’ve interviewed top HR Managers and Happy Team leaders at top companies to study their employee engagement strategies and learn how a food benefit supports those goals. A true shift to “Micro Markets 2.0” means more than just technology leaps to lower costs, but a rethinking of what micro markets offer in the workplace. As millennials shift expectations about work life and employment, company leaders are investing in new ways to keep employees engaged, collaborating, fueled and rewarded.

We’ve only just scratched the surface. Stay tuned for a big new feature announcement in June!